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by Joe Connor

Welcome to, an exciting new Web site for Major League Baseball fans that provides unique perspectives and stories on the Modern Era Players, Managers, Characters, Ballparks and the like that make baseball America�s great, national past time.

This site is designed for the fans and to that end its launch is dedicated in memory to my late father, Joe Connor III, who � in addition to being just a wonderful Dad - was a true baseball fan as well as strong advocate of the fans.

Like many sons, my Dad was my best friend and the one who introduced me to baseball. He also coached me and my brother in hockey and was just a great human being. He worked hard and he played hard. And he loved baseball.

Whether it was playing slow-pitch softball for a local pub in my hometown of West Hartford, Conn. or catching "Monday Night Baseball" on ABC or the Red Sox at Fenway, my Dad was my guiding light to baseball through my adolescent years. He was also a big advocate of the fans.

This site is for him. I think he would be proud. He would also be proud of my brother, Chris, and his wife - my mom - Joan. Dad, thanks for the inspiration. welcomes ideas, suggestions and the like from fans so they can experience the most unique, useful and entertaining information about the Modern Era Players, Managers, Characters and Ballparks that make the game of baseball so great.

Over the course of the 2001 season and beyond, the site will be continuously updated. In addition to insight into Modern Era Players, Managers, Characters and Ballparks, it will also delve into Modern Era Baseball Heroes, Fans, Museums, Broadcasters, Ushers, Organists, Vendors, Nicknames, Owners/General Managers, Trainers, Agents, Movies, and Famous Quotes, among other unique details.

Welcome again to! If you like what you see, please tell your friends! All my best, Joe.

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Copyright © 2001