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Two years ago Phil Nevin was a hack. Two years later, he's one of the most coveted free agents on the market.


He’s hit every Major League Baseball ballpark and spring training facility, the Pacific Coast League, California League, Hall of Fame, Nolan Ryan Museum, College World Series, Field of Dreams and the Cape Cod League, among others. Now what?


Back in the 1980s, ESPN’s Chris Berman made a name for himself, partly because of the plethora of “Bermanism’s” he put on Major League Baseball players by incorporating popular culture into their names while providing fans with daily game highlights.

Berman does very little baseball these days, but decided to take a trip down memory lane to create our favorite “All-Bermanism Team” of retired players. This may not be a club you’d assemble for a pennant race but without adieu, here’s our lineup thanks to Chris “Mississippi” Berman.


Baseball’s Ironman left a lasting impression on the game.

He played the game like it was meant to be played. For that, fans of America's pastime couldn't help but admire him. decided to collect perspectives on Cal Ripken, Jr. from three very different fans – a lifelong Orioles fan from Maryland, a Ripken fanatic from California and broadcaster Jon Miller.


Texas shortstop Alex Rodriguez sends a letter to Boeing, the aviation manufacturer based in Seattle, and encourages company executives to move to the Dallas area.

The truth is, A-Rod is not the first to move beyond his realm as a ballplayer and dabble in the business world, not the first to show that his expertise goes beyond hitting sliders and fielding ground balls. Our content partner, Athlon Sports, went back into their archives and pulled out correspondence from the past.

He's a SoCal stud who likes to surf, but lately he's just been crushing a baseball.