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Sat Jun 8 2002
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Joe Connor is a freelance writer, covering Major League Baseball and the San Diego Padres for multiple San Diego area publications. Joe has also combined his two passions - baseball and travel - by launching and authoring useful electronic ballpark guides that help fans maximize a ballpark tour. Fans contribute articles to while Joe pens the electronic guides and contributes to the site as well.

Joe's been fortunate to visit every Major League Baseball ballpark and spring training facility, in addition to numerous minor league and collegiate ballparks in the U.S. and Canada, the College and Little World Series, all of the ballparks in Japan, and ballparks even in Australia, mate! He's also been fortunate to interview, one-on-one, the likes of legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully, Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard and future Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn, among many others. Joe's guiding light to baseball was his late father, Joseph Connor III, and he's dedicated in his Dad's memory.


"A Fan's Guide to the Ultimate Ballpark Tour: Fully Loaded!" includes all the tools you need to plan a ballpark trip in one nice, neat package - whether a long weekend journey, 7-10 days, or much, much longer. Making the most of a ballpark tour requires having all the information you need at your fingertips. To that end, to really, effectively plan any kind of ballpark trip also requires Internet access to - at a minimum - check schedules and plan ahead.

Well, Joe's electronic guide features every Major League Baseball ballpark, with Web site links to team schedules, and rental car, lodging and "must see" city attractions information. "Bookmarks," which act like chapters in a book, enable you to easily click with your mouse between every team profile. Essentially, there's little "scrolling" and "hard reading," but rather utilizing the Web site links and compactful information to plan your trip. View a sample of what the guide looks like!

In addition to details and links to the 30 teams, information and Web site links to hundreds of minor league ballparks within a short drive of major league ballparks are included, plus features on both the College and Little League World Series. Joe provides dozens of tips on making the most of your trip - from saving money to trying to determine your seats, and what city sites to visit beforehand!

Each team profile follows the same simple format, providing "planning" tips on securing the most affordable rates on airports and hotels to a particular ballpark city, followed by information on "pre-game rituals," and "photo ops" before and during the game. Each ballpark profile also features Joe's "pluses" and "minuses," detailing what fans will probably enjoy and not enjoy about each ballpark. "Concession Obsession" features the one concession item at each ballpark a fan should indulge in, while "Surprise, Surprise" and "Hot Tip" provide fans with additional information and advice to plan a ballpark trip. Lastly, each ballpark profile features "must sees" when it comes to city attractions in every ballpark city. This information also includes sites that are "off the beaten path" and a "hidden gem" site, plus "getting away" attractions outside the city or en route to the next closest major league ballpark.

"A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Ballpark Tour: Fully Loaded!" differs in style and content from traditional guide's. Written from a first person, fans-perspective, Joe's effort is designed to help fans plan the ballpark trip of their dreams! Links to other sports teams - college and pro - and the top sports bars in every major league city are also included inside the guide, along with the wealth of information previously mentioned!

Not only will you have all the tools you need right at your fingertips, but you will also receive free advice from Joe via e-mail when you buy the guide! Joe helped dozens of fans maximize their ballpark tour in his previous guide, "A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Spring Training Experience," which was featured on hundreds of radio stations across the U.S. and was very well-received.

Once you've bought the guide, just e-mail Joe any questions at [email protected] and he'll provide you with additional assistance so your ballpark tour dreams come true!

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