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A Complete Review of Torment (black)
A card-by-card review of the new Magic: the Gathering set Torment. Torment is also known as the black set, because for the first time ever, the colors are out of balance. Find out more about madness and nightmares in this review.

An Early Look at Invasion (multicolor)

A Complete Review of Odyssey (green)

It’s all about the Dinosaurs
I REALLY want to get to NY. No, More than that I NEED to go to NY. It is that time of year for me to Qualify, and I won’t have to fly. I am going to be going to NY even if it is just to watch, and I HATE having to tell people “No, I’m not playing. I’m just watching today.” God I hate that. I feel like such a dork. I hate feeling like a dork.

Hammer has told me this before, and I think Guevin has as well. One of them, I forget which one, once told me “You know how you say - “I never top deck the Drain?” and you say “My next card was the one I needed to win?” If you would go to sixty cards, the card you needed so often would be that next card.”

I lie awake late one night thinking about this...

An Early Look at Invasion (green)

An Early Look at Mercadian Masques (green)

An Early Look at Mercadian Masques (white)

On Designing or Reviewing a Magical Cards Expansion - 6/23/99
I read these reviews of the Destiny expansion set. Usually, a review is about how this card sucked, or that card is broken, or why the set is great or terrible. Yet, rarely do I see anyone look behind the card and ask himself, "Why was this card created?"

An Early Look at Mercadian Masques (blue)

An Early Look at Planeshift (multicolor)

Mistakes and Technically Perfect Play - 1/11/99
This report is going to be about how even the smallest mistake (mistakes?) can cost you games. To illustrate that, I am going to reprint my article Technically Perfect Play....

PLTA Winner- Ah, The Beats. - 3/11/99
Ah the beats

WARNING THIS REPORT IS VERY LONG. If you have time please read the whole thing, or you could skip to the more interesting part (the top 8) near the end.

The Age of Solitaire Magic - 2/25/00
Ive never done so many practice draws in all my life against no one. Every deck I build - I shuffle, play until turn five. Shuffle, draw, and play until turn five. Shuffle, draw, and play until turn five. Over and over and over again until I think I am ready for a tournament. All by myself... [While this may not be an issue these days, this was life as we knew it back then. May this article be a reminder of what may be the only thing that can ruin our game - lack of fun. Ed.]

An Early Look at Mercadian Masques (black)

Be Your Own Quarterback with QB1
QB1 is the antithesis of all things trivial. As a matter of fact, most QB1 players don’t know that James Buchanan was the only bachelor president, nor do they care. QB1 is about football, more specifically, predicting the play of the offensive team.

'The Deck', Chapter I: May '95 - Dec '95 - 5/4/98
“The Deck” is the one of the most difficult decks to play successfully. Game making and breaking decisions are made every turn, and revolve around keen insights into the way the deck is played, along with the assessed capabilities of the oppenents deck. This is certainly not a deck for the casual player. The intermediate player, though, must eventually master this deck type and understand its concepts thoroughly to advance to the ranks of the higher circles of Magic...

An Early Look at Invasion (blue)

An Early Look at Invasion (red)

An Early Look at Planeshift (blue)

A Complete Review of Odyssey (black)

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