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Howdy, Pardner! It's The Texas Cichlid!
This hombre is mean! How mean? It chews on gravel just for the heck of it! It will go head to head with an opponent twice itís size or even bigger! It takes no slack from anything! Itís the mean, green Texas machine called the Texas Cichlid! Mosey on for more details, pardner!

Recipe - Thai Hot Noodles Korat Style (Pad Mee Korat Phet)
This is a "hot" version of pad Thai. Pad Thai is quite an elaborate dish. The style usually found in Thai restaurants outside Thailand is particularly elaborate. In Thaland, there is a local, very simple variant of the dish, known as pad mi Korat. Made with a recipe that consists of partly cooking a cup of noodles, then stir frying them with a cup of sliced and shredded cabbage, adding a little tamarind juice for flavor, and drizzling a beaten egg over it to complete it. The version below is a slightly more elaborate version of pad mi Korat, which is also fairly hot. This version we call pad mi Korat phet (hot stir fried noodles in the Korat style). The original uses cabbage, but any greens will do. We make this with a mixture of broccoli and asparagus.

Texas Music:Texas swing fiddler Johnny Gimble honored
Texas swing master Johnny Gimble will be honored at the tribute Under the X in Texas April 6 in Austin

Texas Music:Best of Texas Christmas
three unique Texas recordings to enjoy during your holiday celebrations

Texas Music: Hubbard gets bluesy, Russell tells dark tales, a Lost Wolf rises,a road trip down Route 66
Two mystic cowboys tell stories, a honky tonk duo pick their favorite songs, an upcoming band offers a strong debut, one batch of musicians boogies across Texas while another offers a Texas take on a trip down Route 66

The Six National Flags of Texas
Six national flags have flown over Texas since the first European exploration of the region by Cortez in 1519.

Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl, Book 1
New Historical Fiction series for children explores life on the West Texas frontier of the 1880s. Read a press release of Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl, Book 1 by Evelyn Horan.

Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl, Book 1
New Historical Fiction series for children explores life on the West Texas frontier of the 1880s. Read a press release of Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl, Book 1 by Evelyn Horan.

Launch Countdown - 3, 2, 1...blastoff
Countdown. The final stage begins when separate components reach the launch center and are assembled into a launch vehicle.

Does Fort Worth Texas Ever Cross Your Mind?
Standing tall in the shadows of the Dallas Texas skyline, Fort Worth is a comfortable, cozy stand-alone town. Theaters, charming street-side restaurants, and true Texas bull are just some of the mainstays that keep bringing visitors back again and again.

But don't let the 'yee-ha' fool you, because beneath the rough calyx, elegance blooms within this fun 'little' city...

Cramming more food in - getting nutrition into the average-sized bachelor's pad
The average bachelor's pad ranges from 520-600 square feet. How are you going to cram all the groceries we suggest in?! Here are some ideas to save space and time.

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How to choose kitchen appliances

Texas Music:Carolyn Hester makes Dylan's Texas connection
as rock icon Bob Dylan celebrates turning 60, catch up with top folksinger Carolyn Hester, who opened the door for Dylan's first chance to appear on record

Sam Houston Was Texas
"...His experiences of this world have been so varied, that the incidents fall, of themselves, into picturesque and striking forms...As the boy emigrant, the Indian chief, the successful General, and the influential statesman, his career exhibits the most romantic contrasts, and novel adventures..." Putnam's Magazine, 1855.

Call to Glory:The Life and Times of a Texas Ranger by Michael and Marilyn Gilhuly
Nearly 140 Years Later, Early Texas Rangers Ride Again. -New Novel Draws on History.

Gateways to Space
Without launch centers, sending spacecraft into orbit would be hindered.

Did you know where this came from?
Texas owes its name to the Caddo tribe - and the Spaniards. During the Spanish exploration of Texas in the 1540s, the Spaniards met the Hasnai Caddo tribe in present-day East Texas. the Native Americans used the word tayshas for "friends" or "allies." In Spanish, the translation came out as tejas. Eventually, Tejas became Texas.

Texas-Mexico border economics

The current economic status of the Texas-Mexico border and the challenges the region faces are detailed in a newly released special Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas publication, The Border Economy.

"Like much of Texas, the border has been moving from a resource-based economy toward a more knowledge-based one," says Dallas Fed President Bob McTeer in a letter introducing the publication. "Free trade and a better-skilled work force will be the key to increased prosperity along the border."

Texas Biotechnology Reports Receipt of an Approvable Letter for Use Of Argatroban in HIT Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Interventions

Texas Biotechnology Corporation announced that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an approvable letter for a supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) for Argatroban that further expands the treatable patient population to include patients who have or who are at risk of developing thrombosis associated with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) and are undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Recipe - Temple of Thai Pad Thai Noodles
There must be as many recipes for Pad Thai as there are cooks! This has become the most well known Thai dish in the US. To cook at home adapt to what you have on hand. Pad Thai is most often eaten when going to the market as a quick snack, it is not really a dish Thais cook at home.

Another New Western Stays on the Shelf
Hollywood moviemakers produced two new westerns in the year 2000. One of them now has made it into theaters, but the other isn’t scheduled to show up on U.S. screens until next spring.

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