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Diablo II:
While the heart of Diablo II stays true to it's ancestor, there are so many new features that the original Diablo can almost be considered a prototype. For starters, Diablo II is big, roughly four times bigger than before; requiring three CD's, spanning three Acts and a grand finale. Each Act looks completely different than it's predecessor and is also longer and more difficult. There are tons of new weapons, armor sets, treasure and magical items scattered throughout the game. Adventuring through the Lord of Terror's online world is a very intense affair.

A Look Ahead at the Survivor 2002 Calendar
Let's jump ahead to next year and take a look at the Survivor 2002 desk calendar. Is it a perfect gift for the Survivor fan, or just a big paperweight?

Bird Watching With Children -- An Introduction
Here's an outstanding article by Terrie Murray of Field-Birding.com and Aviella's Inkwell. With her experience, in bird-watching, education, and children, you can't help but learn more than just a few things!

World War II: Unit Activities
World War II affected even more nations than did World War I, which was supposed to be the “war to end all wars.” These activities will be useful for both classroom and home study of this traumatic period in world history.

The Iliad
This version of The Iliad by Homer was translated by Samuel Butler. It should be very helpful for those using the classical approach or "whole books."

How to Look Thinner
A few simple tips on the way you dress can change your life - make you look thinner and feel happier. The clothes you choose have a lot to do with the way you look. Unsuitable, unflattering garments can really make you look your worst. The following list of hints should help you to make the best choices when you go clothes shopping.

M.A.C. Lip Glass - The Lip Gloss that Lasts - The Review
MAC Lip Glass ~ they rock!

A Look at the Merchant Prince II Demo
Can the sequel equal or better the original? Is this turn-based strategy game worth your download time? The answers to those questions and the meaning to life itself are all revealed....ok so I'm a little full of ... hyperbole! Jus check out the review...

World War II - An Introduction
We'll be focusing on World War II at KBH in the coming weeks. This first article is a brief introduction to when the war began and what caused it.

Review: Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
Strategy First has released a treasure of a game with Disciples II. Read on to see just why this is one of the best strategy games of the year!

Aries II Down: Another Technology Transfer to China
In the Brave Old-New World, the New Right needs a bogeyman to help carry out its corporate-military agenda. Before you dismiss the idea that our government would knowingly give military secrets away, consider the following...

Survivor II Field Guide Could Prove Amusing
Don't know enough yet about Survivor II? Exec. Producer Mark Burnett has a field guide that discusses the players, talks about the Outback, and discusses the final days of Survivor I. (Article updated as the show has progressed.)

Oh Look Out! Part 10-A The Beatles (The White Album)

Due to the album length, I bring you The Beatles (The White Album) in two parts. The Beatles did it again, with another masterpiece, described as the most diverse record in pop history. On one hand this was an amazing outcome, as at this time, The Beatles were on the verge of breaking up, and there was lots of tension. They had business meetings in the studio, beds were there, and people were always in and out. Despite this, "The White Album," is easily one of The Beatles best! Be sure to check out Part B for the remaining song titles and lyrics. This two record set was released on November 22, 1968. What is so unique about this album, is that although it is The Beatles in all their brilliance, it is actually a recording by four solo artists in one band. It is almost if you looked at each track, it would be John, then Paul, then George, then Ringo as solo artists, backed up by the band. It is in a word, phenomenal!

Survivor II Field Guide Could Prove Amusing
Don't know enough yet about Survivor II? Exec. Producer Mark Burnett has a field guide that discusses the players, talks about the Outback, and discusses the final days of Survivor I. (Article updated as the show has progressed.)

What Marquesan Survivors Should Have Learned
Survivor I made it obvious that contestants need to learn certain rules to play by on the show. Survivor II and Survivor: Africa verified many of these and even added a few. Building on these, here is an newly updated and reorganized look at what the Marquesan Survivors should have learned.

That New Look reviewed 4/23/01
Fun, worry free makeovers.

How to Look and Feel Younger
Your philosophy of life is the most important single factor in determining the way you look and feel. It is, after all, the basis of everything you do, whether you've consciously formed such a philosophy or not. One cannot exist without it, but many people are unconscious of having one. Luckily for us in this day and age, we all look much younger than did people our age fifty, or even thirty, years ago.

A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 6
Take a look inside what people paid good money to see on the Web because they wouldn't show it on TV. Caution: Some material may not be suitable for young viewers.

Media Censorship in World War II
The story of censorship in World War II has never fully been told, until now. Secrets of Victory: The Office of Censorship and The American Press and Radio In World War II is a dramatic and fascinating book about the voluntary system undertaken whereby the nation's journalists would become their own censors.

RNO Roundtable: The Final Predictions
We looked at the contestants before the show began, and took another look after the merge. Now it's time for our final look at the four remaining players. Who will make it to the final two? Who will ultimately win? Let's find out what our writers think. David Bloomberg, Jeffrey Clinard, Mike DeGeorge, Peggy Keller, Charlie Reneke, Susan Schechter, Melinda Smith, and Suzanne Tromblay contribute.

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