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A Complete World View
"The world is shrinking under exploding human population and suffering from industrial exploitation that rewards only a few. How can third world cultures survive? What part do you play?"

I find a prescience of the recent terrible events in America foreshadowed in this piece...For all our sakes let us become fully conscious, purposeful and responsible in our behaviors, choices and values as we go forward to face the yet-to-be-determined future...HMR

Elf Power's Dream in Sound
A critical look at Elf Power's third album.

The History of the NWA
No, it's not a rap group. Were you aware that there was wrestling before the World Wrestling Federation?

World War II: Unit Activities
World War II affected even more nations than did World War I, which was supposed to be the “war to end all wars.” These activities will be useful for both classroom and home study of this traumatic period in world history.

Hopi Prophecy
Hopi prophesy states that World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the light (the divine wisdom or intelligence) in the other old countries (India, China, Islamic Nations, Africa.)

When the war comes, the United States will be destroyed by "gourds of ashes" which will fall to the ground, boiling the rivers and burning the earth, where no grass will grow for many years, and causing a disease that no medicine can cure.

These comprise the nine most important prophecies of the Hopis, connected with the creation of the nine worlds: the three previous worlds on which we lived, the present Fourth World, the three future worlds we have yet to experience, and the world of Taiowa, the Creator, and his nephew, Sotuknang.

This article begins with a Hopi prophecy first published in a mimeographed manuscript that circulated among several Methodist and Presbyterian churches in 1959.

Trade Deficits and the Health of the Economy - Part III
A Dialogue Between the current Minister of Finance of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Gruevski and Sam Vaknin.

World War I: Unit Activities
Here are some activity ideas to use when studying the time period of World War I.

The History of the NWA

Vikings, Giants and the World!
What are mountains, hillsides, oceans and clouds made of? Where did the World come from? And what does Santa Clause or Father Christmas have to do with all that and giants? The Vikings have the answer.....

Monday Night Title Changes

The "real" Monday night war between RAW and Nitro has been over since March. But during, and even after, the Monday night war ended, title changes on the free television shows each week continued to keep fans interested in wrestling.

Hope Just Ain't for Hippies Anymore
I have a confession to make, I am currently experiencing a sense of hope about the world. However, I feel the world is currently a crappy place to live. It is a strange combination of thoughts for me to have, but that's how I feel. Let me explain:

A Jayhawk is Hatched!
Jayhawks fly backwards because they care where they have been and do not care where they are going. Review by noted Internet critic Stacey Stanley: "The most stupid thing I have ever read!"

The Hague Tribunal - New World Order in Action!
Watch Out World! The International Court System Wants YOU! We are seeing the beginning of an insidious move towards global punishment for anyone who will oppose the One World Agenda. First Milosivic, Next Sharon, then... there is no end to where this will lead.

WB Newswire

World War I: Bibliography
World War I is a pivotal period in history. To go along with the other portions of the unit on World War I that have appeared, here is a list of literature … both fiction and non-fiction.

''Jimmy Eat World'' - Jimmy Eat World
Way back in August, a friend a mine was raving about this great band called Jimmy Eat World. I had meant to check them out but for whatever reason it had always slipped my mind, until that one faithful day that I saw the video with everyone parting in their underwear. I'm all about the pantsless humor, so the next time I was near a listening section they were being featured in I gave them a chance. I'm glad I did!

The way to a www.onderful world?
The Internet is already changing many people's lives, but the IT revolution is only just starting. Should the world be grateful or worried, asks Mike Lowe.

The World is Not a Bad Place: Coming Together
Sometimes it seems like the world is a very bad place. Terrible things happen that scare us and make us sad. When things like this happen, everybody in the world is sad, not just the people it happened to. Just like at home, when you are sad, and your Mom gives you a hug, when the world is sad, everyone gives each other a big hug.

What the United Nations Should Do About our Ageing World
A wealth of oral and written information on ageing, as well as suggestions and recommendations on how best to adjust to a graying world, have come forward since the preparations for the First World Assembly on Ageing, which took place in Vienna in 1982. The United Nations has grappled with demographic changes in the world over the past decades, not least in its 1982 International Plan on Ageing, which contained relevant considerations concerning the elderly on matters of health and nutrition, consumer protection, housing and the environment, family, social welfare, income security, employment and, most importantly, life-long education. Less than ten years later, on 16 December 1991, the UN General Assembly, in its Decision 46/91, adopted the United Nations Principles for Older Persons, on independence, participation, care, self-fulfillment and dignity. The International Day of Older Persons and the Year of Older Persons were proclaimed in 1999.

Quotes from Prominent World Government & Military Officials
Read what the top world officials have said and continue to say about the UFO Subject!

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