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Decisions, decisions, decisions…where should I sit, Joe? The Coors Field purple row at 5,280 feet above sea level, the upper deck at Pac Bell with sweet San Francisco Bay views, or down by George Will, Billy Crystal and the chums behind the dugout?

Well, fellow ballpark nerd, securing field level seats isn't easy pickings at many a yard when you consider season ticket holders often grab these bad boys. Plus, the seats aren't exactly cheap either. And so NOW you understand why you've come for help…


Say what you want about Bud "urban ballpark" Selig, but his insistence on teams securing new downtown pads does have its benefits. For starters, no longer do fans have to be limited to confining their pre-game rituals to a six pack of Budweiser in a stark parking lot next to a gigantic concrete mess of "a ballpark."

Yes, believe it or not, we've made progress - and all thanks to Bud man, of course. But what pre-game rituals do the locals practice at baseball's major league ballparks? Find out how to get in on the action…


For many, a ballpark tour is a lifelong dream. Dreams of watching baseball's best in the game's grandest cathedrals remain until the dream has become reality, as do memories of your first catch - or big hit.

Need a little inspiration to plan your ballpark tour? Remember the infamous Les Nesman "outfield scene" from the television series "WKRP in Cincinnati"? Well, let one of our troops explain.

Archie: The Poodle Guide Dog
Visually impaired, and with allergies, Fabiola finds the perfect poodle service dog.

Hikes in February
Summit Adventures' Hikes scheduled in February are as Follows:

The History Guide: A Site Review
The History Guide Web site by Dr. Steven Kreis is a fine example of what content orientated Web sites should be. Here you will find a definition of history and a guide for students of history. You will also find a series of detailed history lectures.

Physicians' guide to resources and professional services

Continuing Medical Education

Quick reference guide

DOhealthnet archives by areas of interest

On-line forums and journal clubs

Guide to free and low-cost prescription programs

Summit Adventures announces Winter Schedule
What can a hiker do during the winter? A LOT! Summit Adventures announces 18 new hikes / snowshoe outings to do this winter plus details on January outings....

Survivor II Field Guide Could Prove Amusing
Don't know enough yet about Survivor II? Exec. Producer Mark Burnett has a field guide that discusses the players, talks about the Outback, and discusses the final days of Survivor I. (Article updated as the show has progressed.)

Boot Camp: TV Guide Looks at the Drill Instructors
We see the Boot Camp Drill Instructors every week, but don't know much about them. TV Guide recently gave us a few interesting tidbits that give some insight into their personalities.

Survivor II Field Guide Could Prove Amusing
Don't know enough yet about Survivor II? Exec. Producer Mark Burnett has a field guide that discusses the players, talks about the Outback, and discusses the final days of Survivor I. (Article updated as the show has progressed.)

Your Guide To Healthy Shopping
When you go to the supermarket, do you feel bombarded by choices? Do you find it hard to find healthy items for you and your family? If so, you are not the only one.

From the Backlist: Tarot and Psychic Power for 'The Complete Idiot'
Almost everybody is familiar with the series of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide” books, dealing with everything from public speaking to investing to baking. But two books in this line, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Psychic and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot and Fortune-Telling, are not even worthy of a “complete idiot.”

How Can You Tell if a Search Engine Marketing Firm is Legitimate?

How does the "average" person know which search engine optimization firms are legitimate? How do you know who you can trust, versus who should be tossed in the same category as the "get rich quick schemes" that never work?

Gary Lincoff - The Mycologist's Guide

"Is all this information really in his head?"
"No, silly - that's why he publishes books..."
Overheard at the Telluride Mushroom Festival one year...

Survivor: TV Guide Hits the High Points
TV Guide has three amusing articles in its most recent issue. Two cover some of the high points in different ways and one deals with the Wicked Witch herself.

Ultimate Black & White Strategy Guide and Walkthrough
Ever since it hit the shelves, Black & White, from Lionhead Studios has been a huge hit with would-be gods everywhere. Some aspiring dieties, however--like say, oh, GameSkinny editors--have hectic schedules that don't leave them much time to play god. But rather than leave our readers hanging as we make our way at a snail's pace through the intricate levels of B&W;, we've recruited an expert to bring you the ultimate B&W; strategy guide. Hell, with Robert's help, we may even attain godhood someday soon...

Book Review: Complete Guide to Self-Publishing
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing is a book for writers who are interested in self-publishing...

Dog Guide Schools in the United States
The establishment of the Seeing Eye in 1929 was the beginning of a new movement which would result in the founding of dog guide training schools across the United States.

From flyfishing to mountain biking, if you like the outdoors, particularly the Northern New Mexico outdoors, this guide service can take you on the vacation of a lifetime.

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