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PLTA Winner- Ah, The Beats. - 3/11/99
Ah the beats

WARNING THIS REPORT IS VERY LONG. If you have time please read the whole thing, or you could skip to the more interesting part (the top 8) near the end.

RNO Roundtable: Post-Merge Review & Predictions
It's time once again for the writers of RealityNewsOnline to put their heads together and discuss what has gone on already in Survivor and what we think will happen from here on out. Who have we underestimated? Who has surprised us? And who do we think will win it all?

Nate Heiss PT Rome Report - 11/25/98
I went to PT Rome as the only CMU affiliate NOT playing Academy, and ended up 13th place. Not bad, for the second most powerful deck in the format. I decided not to play Academy after it spread out all over the web. In reality, CMU had the deck 3 days after the prerelease, and it got even better once they found Time Spiral! (the original thing got fast Cursed Scroll, Ophidians, and Mohti's into play)...[Not surprisingly a personal favorite of mine, Ed.]

Understanding Your Smoking Rituals and Habits in Quitting Smoking
One of the toughest things in quitting smoking is realizing what rituals were developed as smoking rituals, and then changing them. We’re talking about the habit part of smoking, but not in general terms. Rituals are small routines smokers develop without necessarily realizing it. Every smoker is different. The one thing all smokers have in common is that they develop smoking rituals, whatever their own rituals happen to be.

Survivor 3’s Lex Discusses the Game, His Image, and His Kids
Lex van Den Berghe - the Survivor 3 villain, the psycho tattooed guy who threatened to slit the throat of anyone who got in his way - is really not psycho and thought everyone who was watching the game knew that it was a game. In this interview he discusses that issue, his image, and his kids.

Ranking the 2001 Bowl Season
You know the rankings of the teams, but what about the bowls themselves? We've ranked them all, letting you know which games you need to watch and which games are acceptable to miss. *Updated daily with analysis*

Mark Globus Worlds Report 2001 - 8/20/01
I had really wanted to make it worlds this year. I had never attended before, and with worlds just an 8 hour drive from my house, it was quite accessible. It also looked likely as between placing 27th at PT New York (Masque Block constructed) and winning a limited PTQ my composite ranking in February was 13th in the world. However, a few months later of averaging 3-1 at booster drafts and a prerelease, my composite had drifted down to 80th. Luckily, they finally froze the ratings and there were more than 30 people ahead of me already invited! I had Q'd for my first worlds!...

The Culture of PSO
Phantasy Star Online defined online console gaming, and has set the standard for many generations of consoles to come. Check out this in-depth look at what is arguably the most revolutionary console game ever.

It’s all about the Dinosaurs
I REALLY want to get to NY. No, More than that I NEED to go to NY. It is that time of year for me to Qualify, and I won’t have to fly. I am going to be going to NY even if it is just to watch, and I HATE having to tell people “No, I’m not playing. I’m just watching today.” God I hate that. I feel like such a dork. I hate feeling like a dork.

Hammer has told me this before, and I think Guevin has as well. One of them, I forget which one, once told me “You know how you say - “I never top deck the Drain?” and you say “My next card was the one I needed to win?” If you would go to sixty cards, the card you needed so often would be that next card.”

I lie awake late one night thinking about this...

How I won the Mid-Atlantic regionals with my Song of Blood Deck - 5/27/97
When I wake up, it is 9:30. That's bad. I FLY down 495 at breakneck speeds to arrive just in time to plead my way in, as they are just starting to call pairings. They let me in! I happily accept the deck reg form and since I can't remember the basic land ratio of islands to plains (is it 7/7 or 6/8?) so I open up my deck to look. Problem. This is not my counterpost deck...[This is some funny stuff, Ed.]

Das Glasperlenkartenspiel - 10/14/98
Not a long time ago, I stumbled upon "Das Glasperlenspiel" ("The Glass Bead Game") by German novelist Hermann Hesse, a novel written in 1943, shortly after which he was given the Nobel prize....The analogy of the Glass Bead Game's beginning with M:tG struck me...

The RealityNewsOnline Survivor Post-Merge Review
A few days before Survivor: Africa premiered, the staff of RealityNewsOnline put together a preview article in which we attempted to guess the personality traits that would label the sixteen contestants. Some of our predictions were correct, and many were wrong. Let’s look back and see how opinions have changed, what each current contestant’s defining moment was, how each has surprised us, and what each’s biggest character flaw is. Of course, we make some more predictions as well.

The Top 15 Game Shows of All Time: #4
Moving on up to number 4, we have game that had perfect hosts and great celebrities to boot. No, I can't tell you the name, but I can give you one-word hints.

They're No Substitute For A Real Opponent
The one thing that makes a game, any game, is the thrill of the game itself. What makes the game thrilling is the challenge that is an opponent. What makes the opponent good is the unpredictability of their actions. Computers, even with adaptability and AI are no way a substitute to a live person.

Interview with Sim Dynasty
My interview with Tyson Lowery of Sim Dynasty about this online ball game. Not only is the game unique but it is also very good. Read about it...

American Darts
This dart game is based on the other American game -- baseball -- and is a favorite bar game in the Mid Atlantic states. It's origins date to World War I, and tavern goers are still playing.

Alex Shvartsman PT Sivvi Report
Alex manages to make a very interesting report out of a very boring sea of Rebels!

The Top 15 Game Shows of All Time: #1
We're finally up to number 1! Watching this show was like being invited to a Hollywood cocktail party for thirty minutes every afternoon. Even Dumb Dora says this show was ______!

The Top 15 Game Shows of All Time: #2
It's the only game show left on network daytime. It's the ultimate shopping trip, and has had the same host for three decades.

Computer Game Is the Weakest Link
Now that we've had a look at the Top 15 Game Shows of all time, what about the current batch? More specifically, how is the computer game for The Weakest Link?

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