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So you wanna be an Anime Voice Actor?
Tips and resources for learning how to be a voice actor and why you shouldn't quit your day job. If you're interested in trying out for a casting call, you should read this article.

The Voice

Here is an inspiration piece to help those who do not have money or those that do, give a gift from the heart. Listen to your little voice, it might just be telling you something!

Realize Voice reviewed 6/14/01
Control your computer with voice commands.

A Divine Conversation with the Goddesses (and Keiichi too!)
NDK2K saw the gathering of all of the major voice talent for the English version of Oh! My Goddess. In this interview, read what Scott (Keiichi), Juliet(Belldandy), Lynelle (Urd), and Pamela(Skuld) had to say about working as anime voice actors, working together on OMG, and what its like working together as a couple. Plus, helpful pointers on what to do if you want a career in voice acting. - Keeping the Voice Healthy
Some tips on keeping your voice healthy for many years.

An Interview with New Generation Pictures and Greg Weisman
Jonathan Klein, Taliesin Jaffe, and Greg Weisman talk about their work for the release of the 3x3 Eyes Perfect Collection, how voice acting is different from japan, and what we can expect from NieA_7. If you have ever wondered what it was like to be a voice director, you should read this interview.

Hurricanes line Reds up for stormy evening
Following Friday night's defeat of the waratahs by the Blues, the weekend's second instalment of trans-Tasman rugby rivalry sees the Hurricanes playing host to the Reds in Palmerston North.

Automated Voice Mail: A Journey to Hell with No Way Back
The inventor of automated voice mail has passed away to the other side of the telephone lines. It's a good thing, because otherwise I might have killed him myself. Are you tired of talking to automatons whenever you make a call? If so, join the fight and have a laugh or two, on me.

The voice of Golden Boy Speaks!
Doug Smith, the voice of Kentaro in the US released versions of Golden Boy, talks to us about what it's like to make it as a Voice Actor and a Graphic Artist.

Students Face Cafeteria Face And Voice Recognition Technology
Starting this fall, some students will buy their lunch simply by looking at a web camera in the school cafeteria and saying their name, thanks to a food service company that is tapping face and voice recognition technology.

The Iliad
This version of The Iliad by Homer was translated by Samuel Butler. It should be very helpful for those using the classical approach or "whole books."

Peeing on WrestleMania: The Movie
In the wake of the inexplicably botched Invasion angle, the maniacal Vince McMahon thought he finally achieved his dream of completely owning the entire world of professional wrestling. Little did he know, lying in wait was Ric Flair who had bought %50 of the WWF from Vince's 2 children, Shane and Stephanie. Much to Vince's dismay he was now the co-owner of the WWF alongside veteran wrestler, Ric Flair…Naturally Vince freaked.

Bob Bergen Speaks Out!
In this interview, Bob Bergen, a voice actor in the English version of Spirited Away, answers our questions about his work on the film. Bob, who voices the frog and Kaonashi the faceless spirit, is no stranger to anime. His credits include Akira , Technoman, and now Spirited Away.

Voice Enhancers
FluentLink wants you to improve your public speaking skills by improving the sound of your voice! Check out two ways that you can grab the attention of your audience and keep it!

The Three Biggest Mistakes Made By Fiction Writers
Even highly celebrated authors do it. While most writers are fairly clear on the importance of plot, there are other writing skills such as a strong narrative voice, good deep characterisation, and relevant, subtle scenery description which set a work of fiction apart, rendering it literary or great . In my work as a reader for a small publishing house, I have seen these errors in nearly every manuscript which has come across my desk.

Tell ’em Where To Go—Control PC Games With Your Voice
Today’s sophisticated PC games often require a staggeringly complex control system, making full use of the PC keyboard. While this level of control allows for greater gameplay depth, it can also be frustrating. Sontage Interactive’s Game Commander 2 solves this problem by using speech recognition to let you execute complex keyboard commands. For more details, read on, but if you’re pressed for time I can sum the review up quite simply: If you’re a serious gamer, you must own this product.

Color By Number: Color Charts For The Color Blind [Basic Purples and Reds]
Frank Dutton provided useful color charts to help have sites pleasant for viewing by those who suffer from color blindness. This page holds the Basic Purples and Basic Reds charts.

Mise-en-abyme: Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin
“Two and two doesn’t necessarily get you the truth. Two and two equals a voice outside the window. Two and two equals the wind. The living bird is not its labelled bones.” (484) Mathematical reality is not the only challenge Atwood’s The Blind Assassin makes to the reader’s assumptions. The Blind Assassin takes the reader on a deep character study which turns characterisation on its head. It takes the reader on a dramatic plot ride which ends up destroying the notion of plot, and presents an exquisitely crafted and believable narrator which questions the whole idea of a narrative voice. Atwood’s control of her narrative voice is superb, as she layers the stories and voices together adeptly, leading us back always to ourselves, the ultimate character.

Tiffany Grant and Amanda Winn Lee talk it up at Fanime.
Tiffany and Amanda, known as the voices of Asuka and Rei in the US version of Evangelion, talk about their current projects and voice acting in general.

A Voice: Reality Check
Gen Xer Keisha D. Rucker gives her fellow Generation X counterparts a Reality Check on reality television. Her opinion of the new television craze can be found here in our "A Voice" column.

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