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Fri Jul 19 2002
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Another ballpark: "If bleacher seats are your goal - men shirtless and the ladies in tank tops - get your tickets early! They go quickly, especially in summer!"

Another ballpark: "The design is not fan-friendly. Upper deck seats feel miles from nowhere and some have obstructed field views while sight lines are less than stellar elsewhere, too."

Another ballpark: "If the…get hot, you might consider getting your tickets in advance for any summer or late season weekend tilts. There are few good seats (mostly the first few tiers between the lines, and left field) and you don't want to be stuck in nosebleeds."

Another ballpark: "The field and the short outfield walls. It isn't fancy, but the short green walls enable bleacher creatures to steal away a potential great catch."

Another ballpark: "If you're on a budget and hitting the upper levels, bring a windbreaker for night games just in case, too."

Another ballpark: "If you're going to a weekday game, you should be able to buy tickets day of game with no problem. You might even hang out in front of the gates and see if someone has an extra ticket or two they can't use. Promotion nights like weekend games, draw very well and often sell out, so buy your tickets ahead for these games. To stay cool on day games, shoot for the first base side, which is more in the shade than third."


"Discovering a ballpark city: (City) is a marvelous city and I've been all over the place - the Americas, Europe, Pacific - it's the cleanest in the world. It's quite cosmopolitan, too. Simply cruising its downtown streets on foot…is an attraction itself. …Bring rollerblades or a bike. As you are whisked away, you'll be awarded with great views of the city. Sailboats; smooth blading, biking or walking on paths awaits; and flowers permeate the place. Catch sunset over the downtown skyline…"

Another city: "Head over to… an institution. It's okay - I give your arteries permission for one lunch at least. This diet may not be what your doctor prescribes, but you're on vacation remember!"


Hidden Gem: No matter who you are, tracing the history this city - from his boyhood home to…the historic site is most definitely historical, educational and refreshingly inspiring. Oh, and it's free. That helps the budget traveler, too."

Another Hidden Gem: "…has a stellar baseball card collection and memorabilia from some of the game's greatest players and moments. Plus, walk the campus and enjoys flower gardens and more. Best of all, it's free."

Getting Away: Many locals head down to…or even as far as…where the weird turn pro, especially before sunset. The characters make the entertainers on…look tame.

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