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There are few givens in life but here’s one of them: If Dodgers skipper Jim Tracy isn’t Manager of the Year, then the apocalypse really is upon us.


Duq or no Duq?

As we learned June 15, it's to Duq - for at least two more years. After speculation that Sox GM Dan Duquette might be headed west, the Duq is staying put in Beantown for now. Get one Chowdaheads perspective on the Duq.

Ben Davis knows all about expectations. Now he's starting to live up to them.


One’s a Ramon, the other’s a Russ.

But either way you slice and dice it, there two of the baddest, up-and-coming flame-throwers around today.

Learn why the unrelated Ramon Ortiz and Russ Ortiz have so much in common.

This Sunday will mark the end of an era in San Diego.


They say he’s too old. They say he’s too slow. And they say he’s too fat.

They’re some baseball critics – and they’re some bunch of idiots!

Tony Gwynn is arguably the best hitter ever to play this game - a class act and a true Modern Era hero to fans, young and old. With his ticket already punched for the Hall-of-Fame, the eight-time batting champ is looking to rebound from an injury-riddled 2000 season.


They play before a measly crowd of 10,000 fans in their own yard, have played under two managers, dealt with “contraction” rumors, the Cliff Floyd All-Star Game circus, and managed to overcome key injuries, bad luck, and personal tragedy.

And yet, wouldn’t you know it, the unexpectedly contending Marlins continue to play more like the mosquitoes – Florida’s real native son – and refuse to give up on the wild card and National League East chase.

What’d think, they’d flop? Nah.


Rumors circulate that 2000 American League MVP Jason Giambi might be dealt.

“Jason, your thoughts?”

“Having a great time and not worried about it,” says the slugger.