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Top 10 great reasons to buy "A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Ballpark Tour: Fully Loaded!" courtesy of the home office, San Diego, California, USA!

1. It's useful! Make no mistake about it, this is a planning guide - not a historical epic or a useless fact-filled malaise of nothing! It's organized to help you plan your ballpark trip at your fingertips - with Web site links to team schedules, and rental car, lodging and "must see" city attractions information, just for starters! There's so much more!

2. It's written by an experienced journalist who's been to every ballpark! Joe Connor is a self-proclaimed "ballpark rat" and a freelance writer covering the San Diego Padres, who has visited more than 100 ballparks, including every Major League Baseball ballpark and spring training facility, in addition to numerous minor league and collegiate ballparks in the U.S. and Canada, the College and Little World Series and ballparks in Australia. He has also been a guest on a number of radio stations including ESPN Radio and FOX Sports Radio.

3. Upon purchase, free advice on planning your trip via e-mail from an experienced journalist who has been to every ballpark! How many authors do you know who provide this service? Joe helped dozens of fans maximize their ballpark tour in his previous guide, "A Fans Guide To The Ultimate Spring Training Experience," which was featured on a number of radio stations across the U.S. and was very well received. Once you've bought the guide, just e-mail Joe any questions at [email protected] and he'll provide you with additional assistance so your ballpark tour dreams come true! Fans can also see a free sample of the guide!

4. Written from a first-person, fans perspective! As much as Joe is a journalist, he's first and foremost a diehard baseball fan. What that means is Joe tells it like it is! If a ballpark has its minuses, Joe details those with supporting facts in "ballpark minuses." If it's got "pluses," Joe does much the same. The moral of the story: Joe doesn't say nice things about every ballpark just so you'll buy his guide! Some ballparks, like Olympic Stadium in Montreal, are a total dump and Joe does not mince words in quickly detailing the few "pluses" and many "minuses" of this ballpark, for example!

5. More than just the 30 major league parks! Also, the minor leagues - and more! In addition to details and links to the 30 teams, information and Web site links to hundreds of minor league and independent league ballparks within a short drive of major league ballparks are included, plus features on both the College and Little League World Series!

6. It's also a travel guide, too! Each ballpark profile features "must sees" when it comes to city attractions in every ballpark city. This information also includes sites that are "off the beaten path" and a "hidden gem" site, plus "getting away" attractions outside the city or en route to the next closest major league ballpark!

7. Written with a budget in mind! Again, as much as Joe's a journalist, he's also a fan - and also has a budget, too! As a freelance writer and not a beat writer, he's responsible for paying his way on flights, rental cars, hotels and more! So his tips on these topics and more come from first-hand experience! He has also roamed around each ballpark, and checked out the best seats, best concessions and more!

8. "Pre-game ritual" information no one else provides! How you should I arrive to the ballpark? Where are the locals hanging out before the ballgame? Museums nearby? What "pre-game rituals" do the locals practice? Joe has the answers!

9. Sections in the Guide: "Keep Your Eye Out For," "Surprise, Surprise," "Hot Tip" and other key tidbits no one else provides! How can I secure great seats without spending a fortune? What do I need to know so my ballpark experience is a pleasant one? Like the "pre-game rituals" information, Joe provides details so you can make the most of your ballpark experience!

10. Give to a good cause. A portion of your purchase goes to Laubach Literacy (www.laubach.org), the oldest and largest literacy organization in the world, which helps adults and their families acquire the listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematics, technical and problem-solving skills they need to improve their lives.




Helping Fans Plan And Maximize A Ballpark Tour!