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If you don't find the answer(s) to your question(s) here, e-mail Joe at [email protected]. He responds to every e-mail within 24 hours.

Question: How does this electronic guide work?

An e-guide is just like a regular guide, only it's electronic. Since the Internet will be a tool that fans will use to check schedules and other information, the guide provides more direct access preparing for a trip - right at fans' fingertips - than a traditional, physical guide does.

"A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Ballpark Tour: Fully Loaded!" is designed to serve as a "ballpark planning tool kit" for the ballpark tour newbie or veteran. Providing planning tools right at fans fingertips, it features every Major League Baseball ballpark, with Web site links to team schedules, and rental car, lodging and "must see" city attractions information. "Bookmarks," which act like chapters in a book, enable users to easily click with their mouse between every team profile, or only the teams they want to plan to see.

The guide is written in Adobe Acrobat PDF, a free, universal format that works easily with any type of personal computer or laptop, and enables Web site links to be included inside. Think of Microsoft Word, for example, and then add Web site links inside it. Now, also add "bookmarks" that enable you to easily click with your mouse between different sections of the document.

Once you purchase the guide, I personally e-mail it to you. All you then do is open the attachment - and there's the guide! What you now have before you is a great electronic "tool kit" with links to schedules, hotels, rentals and attractions to plan your ballpark trip right at your fingertips. And you use the bookmarks to easily "click" between the different team profiles in the guide. So, if you're planning a trip to see the Red Sox and Yankees, click on the Boston and Yankees profiles. If you're planning to head west, click on San Francisco or Oakland. All the information you need to plan your trip is right at your fingertips!

View a sample to see for yourself! or request that a free sample be personally e-mailed to you by e-mailing: [email protected]

Question: What if I can't open the attachment?

If for some reason, you can't open the attachment, just go to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html and download the software for free. Once you've got the software on your computer, you're all set. Adobe Acrobat PDF is a universal format and works with all kinds of computers and laptops, including PCs and MACs.

Question: So what you're saying is I can link to schedules and other information right from inside this guide to plan my ballpark trip?

Yes, and easily click between the team profiles you're most interested in planning to go see. Not interested in seeing the Montreal, Tampa Bay or Florida ballparks? Well, you don't have to waste your time to scroll past them with your mouse. Instead, bypass them, by only clicking on the home teams you think you might want to visit!

Question: Reading on the Internet is such a pain, would I print this out?

Long periods of reading on the Internet can be hard on the eyes, which is why the text in the guide is written in very short, understandable paragraphs, similar to USA Today type reading. In fact, there's little "scrolling" and "hard reading," but rather utilizing the Web site links and compactful information to plan a ballpark trip. As a result, you shouldn't need to print any portion of the guide. View a sample of the guide to get an idea of how easy it is on the eyes.

Question: What exactly is included in this guide besides everything I need to know on the Major League ballparks?

In addition to details and links to the 30 teams, information and Web site links to hundreds of minor league and independent league ballparks within a short drive of major league ballparks are included, plus features on both the College and Little League World Series. It also provides dozens of tips on making the most of any trip - from saving money to trying to determine the best seat locations for fans, and what city sites to visit before the ballgame.

Each team profile follows the same simple format, providing "planning" tips on securing the most affordable rates on airports and hotels to a particular ballpark city, followed by information on "pre-game rituals," and "photo ops" before and during the game. Each ballpark profile also features Joe's "pluses" and "minuses," detailing what fans will probably enjoy and not enjoy about each ballpark. "Concession Obsession" features the one concession item at each ballpark a fan should indulge in, while "Surprise, Surprise" and "Hot Tip" provide fans with additional information and advice to plan a ballpark trip. Lastly, each ballpark profile features "must sees" when it comes to city attractions in every ballpark city. This information also includes sites that are "off the beaten path" and a "hidden gem" site, plus "getting away" attractions outside the city or en route to the next closest major league ballpark.

"A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Ballpark Tour: Fully Loaded!" differs in style and content from traditional guide's. Written from a first person, fans-perspective, Joe's effort is designed to help fans plan the ballpark trip of their dreams. Links to other sports teams and the top sports bars in every major league city are also included inside the guide, along with the wealth of information previously mentioned.





Helping Fans Plan And Maximize A Ballpark Tour!