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"Planning one of these trips, it gets a little overwhelming. (Joe's) taken care of that and made the process a whole lot easier. This electronic guide – it works. It’s a worthwhile investment." – John Weisbarth, Reporter, Channel 4 Television, San Diego


"Planning is the process of overcoming obstacles to accomplish dreams."

This page will answer your questions about Joe’s Guides, in particular, what they include, and how and why they are the most useful products you will find anywhere to plan and maximize any ballpark trip! (visit the Buyer Testimonials page for even more proof!). You can also view a free sample of the guide further below or on the home page, and if you have any questions, e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]. When you are ready to buy, simply visit the Buy Joe's Guides page.

Mission Statement: Inspire fans to realize their dreams of visiting baseball’s great ballparks through affordable means!


As highlighted in USA Today Sport Weekly and the Sporting News; several daily newspapers; and on hundreds of radio stations, is home of Major League Baseball contributing writer Joe Connor’s annually-updated and highly-acclaimed electronic ballpark travel guides – A Fan’s Guide To The Ultimate Spring Training Experience; A Fan’s Guide To The Ultimate Ballpark Tour: Fully Loaded! about Major League, Minor League or Independent League parks; A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate College Ballpark Experience; A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate College Summer League Ballpark Experience; and World in a Ballpark: Baseball Goes Global about international baseball, including the Caribbean Series and World Baseball Classic. All guides are available for purchase at the Buy Joe's Guides page and all guides are updated annually.




> Like many products that come to market, Joe's guides resulted from a frustration.

- Every time Joe would plan one of his ballpark trips he could never find all the planning information he wanted to in one place. Some had good ballpark planning information, but lacked sufficient travel planning details, or vice versa.

- Solution? Joe decided to combine his two passions – baseball and travel – into comprehensive and easy-to-use electronic guides!

- What makes Joe’s electronic guides the best product to plan a ballpark trip? In short, it’s the ability to instantly access only the information you need to plan any ballpark trip at anytime – right at your fingertips – from an actual ballpark’s details to any travel issues.

- Because these are electronic guides, you are always armed with the latest information – unlike guides at the local bookstore that are often outdated!

Example: so say you’re planning a trip to see a couple of ballparks in the Midwest. Even if you’ve been to the Midwest before and have a good lay of the land, as well as information on the ballparks you want to see, the task of planning a trip that maximizes the limited time you may have is still quite daunting. Where do you start mapping your schedule, booking the best airline reservations, rental car reservations, hotel reservations, buying great seats to the ballgame and much more?


- Use the guides’ easy-to-use ‘Bookmarks’ to quickly hop to a particular part of the country or team (instead of having to scroll past endless pages).

- View your options on how to secure airline, rental car and hotel reservations to that area or city right for you – then book them, using the Web links inside the guide that take you directly to the deal right for you.

- Discover whether you need to buy tickets in advance at a particular ballpark using the guides' customizable links to every team – or whether you can save money on the surcharges and buy day of game at the box office.

- Receive tips on saving money on parking, local attractions and much, much more.


- Current and up-to-date information on getting the best bang for your buck on seating options/tickets, parking, securing free autographs and a whole lot more, plus unique historical information on the venue.

- When and where are the unique pre-game traditions and photo opportunities?

- Where are the best sports restaurants and bars?

- Nearby golf courses to hit the links?

- Attractions, unique haunts, hidden gems and off the beaten path adventures?

- Buy tickets for a particular sporting event using the guides' customizable links – or whether Joe suggests you save money on the surcharges and buy day of game at the box office or how to successfully negotiate with a scalper.

 - Instantly view your options on how to secure the best airline, rental car and hotel reservations to your destination – then book it, using the customized Web links inside the guide that take you to the right deal.

- Tips on saving money on parking, local attractions and much, much more, including local sports-related museums and roadside attractions, plus sports-themed restaurants and sports bars.

- Anyone who buys Joe's guides receives free e-mail advice from him, so if you ever have any questions, he's with you 100 percent of the way!

Sample: How easy and helpful Joe's guides are! You will need Acrobat Reader

WHY JOE’S GUIDES WORK: Still not convinced this is the most useful product you will find anywhere to plan and maximize any ballpark trip? Well, in addition to sampling the guide, here are 10 more reasons why Joe’s guides are a worthwhile investment! Also, check out the Buyer Testimonials page.
1. Most important – They’re useful!
"Planning a vacation to spring training or to major league ballparks? The guides…can help a fan personalize their vacations with information from hotels to ticket prices." – USA TODAY Sport Weekly
Planning is the process of overcoming obstacles to accomplish dreams. These guides were designed to help you plan and maximize a ballpark tour. Designed to inspire, Joe’s simple electronic ballpark travel guides help fans realize the same dreams he has, providing a wealth of planning information – from airlines to game tickets and more – right at their fingertips. Also learn from fans that have benefited by visiting the Buyer Testimonials page.
2. Not just a ballpark guide, but a travel guide, too!
Joe’s guides also provide information and Web links to airlines, rental car agencies, and hotels, plus schedule and ticketing information for other sports teams in town or nearby. This includes collegiate baseball, additional spectator sports and recreation outlets – from booking a tee-time at a local golf course to information on horse racing and the top sports bars. Team profiles also features Web links and information to main attractions in every city and more.
3. Incredibly comprehensive, featuring every team and baseball city, from the majors to the minors, even the independent leagues!
The power of information on every subject imaginable – right at your fingertips! Use public transit or drive? Buy seats here or there? All your questions are answered, with a wealth of information on maximizing a trip to any major league ballpark, such as "quick facts," "securing autographs" or participating in any "pre-game rituals." Where are the great "photo opportunities"? What are the ballpark’s "pluses" and "minuses"? If I can only spend so much, what ballpark food item must I feast on?

His guides not only feature information on individual venues, but also highlight special events, baseball sites and traditions he has enjoyed such as the annual Caribbean Series; U.S. Little League World Series; U.S. (NCAA) College World Series; Alaska and Cape Cod Summer Baseball Leagues; European Championships and numerous baseball-related museums around the world.


"A must-have for any (autograph) collector planning a trip or family vacation to watch their favorite Grapefruit or Cactus Team League team. Written by noted baseball author Joe Connor, this e-book contains everything you’d ever want to know about getting player autographs." – Autograph Collector Magazine on "A Fan’s Guide To The Ultimate Spring Training Experience"
4. Designed with convenience and ease-of-use in mind – even for the computer novice!
Anyone with even the most minimal computer skills can easily benefit from the smarts and simplicity of the guides. Just use the 'Bookmarks' to conveniently click on your favorite team, instead of having to scroll past pages. Then read about – and use the helpful customized Web links – to plan your trip. Print out certain pages if you’d like, or e-mail Joe any questions.
5. Written from a fans perspective – so you don’t make the same mistakes Joe did!
Different in style and content from traditional guides or "fact books," Joe’s guides are written from a first person, fans-perspective with a budget in mind so you can save time and money in your planning process!

6. Written by an experienced journalist who’s been to more than 400 ballparks!

A Major League Baseball freelance writer, Joe has contributed over the years to,,,, and the FOX Sports Radio network, Joe has witnessed baseball in more than 400 professional ballparks throughout the world, from the U.S. (including Alaska and Puerto Rico) to Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Panama, Taiwan, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Switzerland, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Austria and Australia. This includes visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark and Spring Training facility; Minor League and Independent League ballpark; major U.S. college ballpark, as well as enjoying the Major League Baseball World Series; U.S. (NCAA) College World Series; U.S. Little League World Series; Caribbean World Series; European championships; and numerous baseball museums around the world. In 2006, he visited hundreds of Minor League ballparks in North America, plus tons of Independent league and top collegiate ballparks, among many others. 

7. Your purchase never depreciates in value.
Because these are electronic guides that are updated continuously, you’re always armed with the latest, greatest information on every ballpark and ballpark city. Unlike a book that may have been published months ago or longer, Joe’s guides never depreciate in value! New updates are sent to buyers during the season, as necessary – at no extra cost!
8. If you wish, you can easily print out only the information you need – and take it with you on your trip!
Only going to a few ballparks or cities? Well, you can easily print out only those pages referring to those ballparks and cities, or any other specific pages you wish.
9. Free e-mail advice from the author.
Need more help planning your trip or have some questions? E-mail Joe – and he’ll get back with you within 24-48 hours. His e-mail is [email protected] and [email protected]How many authors do you know who provide this kind of personal level of service?

10. 24-48 hour delivery – right to your fingertips!

Joe e-mail's the guide(s) you purchased within 24-48 hours. It’s that quick and easy!

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