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2018 Florida Spring Training

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"A must-have for any (autograph) collector planning a trip or family vacation to watch their favorite Grapefruit or Cactus Team League team. Written by noted baseball author Joe Connor, this e-book contains everything you’d ever want to know about getting player autographs." - Autograph Collector Magazine on the annually-updated, A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Spring Training Experience

"Had a great time at Spring Training in Florida with the help of your guide!" - Andrew, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


“Have read your stuff for the last few years before my Spring Training trips. You have been a huge help.” - Robert,  Boston, Massachusetts


"We especially enjoyed the information about each ballpark relative to seating and parking, little tidbits about what made each park unique and what to expect added to our experience. All this information made the experience just that more wonderful." - Lou, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Great site. Loaded with information for fans.” - David, Orlando, Florida


Interested in purchasing A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Spring Training Experience? The 170-page guide includes everything you need to plan a trip to any ballpark in Florida, including local airline, rental car and hotel information, plus parking and seating/ticketing details with Web links to every team to buy tickets online, review ballpark seating maps as well as map out schedules. The unique history of each ballpark, plus the best seating options and best way to secure autographs are included, plus, free e-mail advice from Joe on planning your trip!  Just visit the Buy Joe's Guides page to purchase, or to learn more, visit the About Joe's Guides page.

This page is to intended to inspire those "thinking about" going to Florida for Spring Training – whether for the first time or for a follow-up visit.

The Grapefruit League season figures to be an interesting one, with just 15 teams now in Florida. 

Ask any family member, friend or colleague who’s ever experienced Spring Training, and they are bound to make you feel jealous, telling you stories of incredible intimacy, affordability and a renewed appreciation for everything that is baseball.

So what are you waiting for?

Joe’s annually updated Spring Training guide, available at the Buy Joe's Guides page, isn’t about sitting on the back porch dreaming of going "next year" – it's about planning to realize dreams NOW. What’s holding you back? Is it time? Sure, everybody has to work and support a family, totally understood. But do you know you could attend as many as three games over a mere, two-day weekend in either Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers or the Palm Beach area alone?

Is it money? Yes, you might have to get on a plane, rent a car, book a hotel room – but Joe’s guides make that process so easy it’s scary. Ticket prices? Can you sweat paying $10 to get in the joint? Parking? Joe’s guides provide tips on securing free street parking. Worst case? It’s $5 to park.

Here’s what it is: you should be Florida, that’s what!

Spring Training is a time for unsung players to rise to the occasion to earn a spot on a Major League roster to get to "The Show." Division III and Independent League castoffs, who at age 28 or 29, finally "catch" the eye of a General Manager.

Unlike the regular season, it's not unusual during Spring Training for players to move about along the same paths as fans to get from point A to point B with no fences, ropes, security guards or other obstacles.

The fact of the matter is this: Spring Training is one of the few institutions that hasn’t changed in a world where change – and speed – rule. It remains sports best kept secret – the ultimate fan-friendly adventure that delivers incredible intimacy and affordability.

The content below provides a glimpse into why planning a trip to Spring Training in the Sunshine State is so worthwhile. Realize your dreams today! You can also learn more at the About Joe's Guides page.



Below's a sample of what the guide looks like when you open it. See the listings on the left hand side (below)? You can click on any team and easily "hop" to that ballpark, instead of having to scroll past endless pages!

Sample How Easy Joe's Guides Are! You Will Need Acrobat Reader


What's included in: A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Spring Training Experience

- Planning details to maximize a ballpark trip of any length to any Major League Spring Training ballpark in Arizona and Florida, whether during the February workouts or when the games begin and continue through March.


- Special planning sections titled "10 Spring Training Myths," "10 Key Tips" and "20 FAQS," with helpful advice, suggestions and recommendations on maximizing your trip from a journalist who's been fortunate to go to all these ballparks!


- Details on every Spring Training ballpark in Arizona or Florida, including local airline, rental car and hotel information, plus parking and seating/ticketing information with Web links to every team to buy tickets online, review ballpark seating maps as well as map out schedules.


- Everything you ever wanted to know about every current Spring Training ballpark, including its unique history, the best seating options and the best way to secure autographs. Plus, free e-mail advice from Joe on planning your trip!

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