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Baseball's past, present, and future are ready for you to see and be part of at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.

Any memorable baseball jaunt requires the essential "touring supplies," mainly good music. Joe Connor travels all over the world, writes about baseball - he does music, too? No, but his good friend Joe Pickering does, and Pickering's insightful baseball tunes, recently enshrined in Cooperstown, have been as much a companion on Ballpark Joe's journey's as his notebook, tape recorder and Red Sox cap. Sneak into second base with a stand-up double this season by buying Joe Pickering's great, Hall-of-Fame baseball CD's - at 2 for the price of 1, plus we pay the shipping and you get a Dominican or Japanese guide (your choice) free!


Joe Pickering and his partner, Phil Coley, are the John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox of baseball music: one heck of a consistent winning combination. Pickering is the talented man behind the curtain, eloquently penning and orchestrating such songs as "Let Buck Back In" about blackballed former White Sox third baseman Buck Weaver, and "Curse of Billy Penn" about those boo-Santa Claus, gotta-love-em, gotta-hate-em Philly fans. Coley is the man with the magical pipes, especially on "Say It Ain't So Baseball" and "This is your season to remember." Pickering's pen, coupled with Coley's voice, make for a home run on the 24-song "Sports Songs and Beyond," which is also part of The National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection.

Buy The 2-for-1 Special! Click the Buy Now button below to purchase "Sports Songs and Beyond" and "Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes" for $30.00 (includes shipping!), plus receive "A Fan's Guide To The Dominican Ballpark Experience" or "A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Japanese Experience" free! (e-mail your choice to [email protected]).



Buy Only "Sports Songs and Beyond": Click the Buy Now button below to purchase only "Sports Songs and Beyond" for $25.00 (includes shipping!)


"Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes" is the perfect CD to pop in when you're on the open road. A favorite for young and old, the easy listening/country/folk sound not only puts you in an upbeat, nostalgic state of mind but it also provides a history lesson. From Harry Agganis to the Bambino and Smokey Joe Williams, "Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes" recalls what we've loved and learned from the game's past, including from black heroes before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. There's even the tale of Louis Sockalexis, a Native American, who wowed baseball immortals like John McGraw while suffering from discrimination. "Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes" is even recognized in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection.
Hear A Song Clip:
Buy The 2-for-1 Special: Click the Buy Now Button below to purchase "Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes" and "Sports Songs and Beyond," for $30.00 (includes shipping!), plus get "A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Dominican Ballpark Experience" or "A Fan's Guide To The Ultimate Japanese Ballpark Experience" free (e-mail your choice to [email protected]).

Buy Only "Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes": Click the Buy Now Button below to purchase only "Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes" for $25.00 (includes shipping!) 

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