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Looking for something truly unique and different this season? Then check out Joe’s Unique Gear below! Please allow seven to 10 days for delivery. If any questions, please e-mail [email protected]. Customer service is No. 1.

"Gwynn & Ripken Full" package includes three special Padre Magazines honoring Gwynn, plus the inaugural game program for the first game at PETCO Park he managed, and a special Gwynn edition of San Diego State magazine.

“BASEBALL ORNAMENT/KIDS HOLIDAY PACKAGE” Great for Kids! Package includes baseball ornament, replica of a ballpark, baseball puzzle and headband as shown above. All brand new, never used! Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the “Baseball Ornament/Kids Holiday package” for $20.00 (includes shipping price!).

“RED SOX FANATIC FRENZY!” PACKAGE Sox fans, get these! Package includes 2000 Red Sox poster calendar + Dominican lids (right). All items in mint condition, never used! Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the “Red Sox Fanatic Frenzy” for $25.00 (includes shipping price!)

FRIARS CALLING PACKAGE: Rare baseball cards of long-time Padres Bruce Bochy, Tony Gwynn, Trevor Hoffmann, Ryan Klesko, Chris Gomez, Dave Magadan, Woody Williams, Damian Jackson and many others.

A “GWYNN & RIPKEN FULL” Great for Collectors!  All items in mint condition, never used! Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the “Gwynn and Ripken Full” package for $30.00 (includes shipping price!).

“DODGER DUDE PACKAGE" Package includes LA Dodgers hat and rare pin of Vin Scully as shown above (pin not attached to hat). Both items in mint condition, never used! Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the “Dodger Dude” package for $15.00 (includes shipping price!)

RED SOX FANATIC FRENZY PACKAGE: These two, never worn hats from the Dominican Winter League, home to “Big Papi” David Ortiz, can be yours. The historic Escogido Lions (red) and Santiago Aguilas (black).

“FRIARS CALLING” PACKAGE” Great for Padres fans. Package includes game notes from Padres final game at Qualcomm Stadium, plus first game at PETCO Park, plus rare baseball cards (at left); posters of Dave Winfield, Nate Colbert, Steve Garvey and Brett Boone; and special, rare collector pins. All in mint condition, never used. Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the “Friars Calling” package for $25.00 (includes shipping price!).

In addition to ball, three special collector “ticket stubs” from Cal Ripken’s last season (above center) are part of "Gwynn & Ripken Full" package.

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